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Fate of Myanmar’s Muslims should not led into oblivion: Iranian cleric



Hujjat al-Islam Gholam-Reza Behrouzilak, a faculty member of Qom’s Baqir al-Uloum University told Rasa, referred to the great violence against the Rohingya Muslim people of Myanmar, said, “The problem of genocide and the massacre of the Muslim people of Myanmar is one of the tragedies of the current world that cannot be easily forgotten.”

The Iranian cleric expressed grave regret over the silence of international and human rights organizations regarding the events in Myanmar, “The perpetration of such crimes in the 21st century, which is an era of communication, and the lack of coverage in the media, which reflects the even smallest incidents in the world, is something quite astonishing.”

He continued, “Given the fact that there are those who stand against the smallest attacks on animals and talk about the rights of birds, animals and wildlife, it’s astonishing that they remain silent against the most heinous massacres against Rohingya men, women and children and are boycotting reporting the news of this human tragedy.”

Hujjat al-Islam Behrouzilak said, “The innocent people who have the worst livelihoods and lives are being killed in the worst circumstances but the authorities in the advanced Western countries don’t react to such events.”

Asked whether the West values the lives of the people or if the religion of the Rohingya people has closed the eyes of Western countries to this disaster, he said, “Due to the West’s hostility to Islam, they aren’t prepared to seriously follow the fate of Muslims.”

The Iranian cleric added, “Just as the killing of a soldier was a pretext for killing thousands of innocent people in the 2014 war on the Gaza Strip. If there was only one Jew living in Myanmar and he suffered from any tribulation, the media would zoom in and turn it into the number one problem in the world.”

Hujjat al-Islam Behrouzilak pointed out, “Unfortunately, the centres of power apply their sensitivity to assessing the changes in the world according to their tastes and it’s natural that their confrontation and hostility to Islam have caused them to completely ignore the fate of the Muslims of Myanmar.”

Asked why Muslims and Islamic societies didn’t respond to such catastrophes, the seminary and university teacher said, “That the West, the imperialist powers and European and American governments aren’t willing to show any response is one discussion and that governments, Islamic organizations and personalities of the Islamic world don’t put in the necessary efforts to defend the rights of Muslims around the world is another discussion.”

The researcher in the Islamic Seminary explained that it’s obvious that the quality of the actions of Islamic governments and organizations are dominated by the imperialist powers and said, “It seems that the imperialist powers have imposed their own power on Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia, who’s internal decisions, are even made in the best interests of the imperialist powers.”

Hujjat al-Islam Behrouzilak said that the silence of Islamic governments regarding the killing of the Muslim people of Myanmar can be seen in the context of linking these governments through various means to the centres of power and obedience to these centres.

He noted, “When Saudi Arabia commits crimes in Yemen and commits the same genocide that is occurring in Myanmar in different ways in Yemen, how can they show a serious reaction to the massacre of the Muslims in Myanmar with the trade-off that they have with the imperialist powers?”

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