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Exclusive- Soma File with all details, tens of videos, hundreds photos. An accident or massacre?

We want to provide you the happenings in Soma in details from the first hours of the mine disaster/ accident/ crime/ massacre( We choose the words that our people name the Soma. We want to give the details without any cencorship. Officials say it was an accident, Media say it was accident and disaster but locals say it was a neglected crime that was known by the owners of mine.) In the following archive we provide you the Soma with many videos, confessions, photos, interviews, evidences and the qquestions of the locals who were witnesses of the case. Thanks so much. Islamic Invitation Turkey.

The news are presented, sorted according to the eventuated line.

BREAKING- Turkey’s Manisa Soma mine blast about 300- 400 workers trapped

breakingAt least 6 workers has been killed and up to 300- 400 are believed to be trapped underground after an explosion and fire at a coal mine in Manisa Soma western Turkey. [Date:13 May 2014]

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URGENT- Hundreds still trapped after coal mine accident in Turkey

breakingAt least 200 people have been left trapped underground after an explosion and fire at a coal mine in western Turkey that killed 6 miners, an official said Tuesday.

Local administrator Mehmet Bahattin Atci said 20 people were rescued from the mine in the town of Soma, in the province of Manisa, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) south of Istanbul. [Date:13 May 2014]


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BREAKING- The death toll of Soma workers reached 157 and trapped ones believed about 1000

breakingAccording to the latest developments the figures of the died ones reached 157. Meanwhile the real figure of trapped is believed over 1000 [Date:14 May 2014]



Death toll in Turkey blast rises to 205

soma2An explosion at a coal mine in the western Turkish province of Manisa has left at least 205 people dead and more than two hundred others trapped, officials say.

A faulty electrical transformer is believed to have caused the explosion at the mine, which occurred in the town of Soma at around 3:30 p.m. local time (1230 GMT). [Date:14 May 2014]

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Hopes for finding survivors of Turkey mine blast fading: Min.

soma6Turkey’s energy minister says hopes for finding the potential survivors of a coal mine explosion are diminishing despite ongoing efforts to rescue the trapped miners.

“I must say that our hopes about rescue efforts inside (the mine) are fading,” AFP quoted Taner Yildiz as saying on Wednesday. [Date:14 May 2014]

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240 miners reported to have been killed and around 200 more still trapped

soma30As bodies were brought out on stretchers, rescue workers pulled blankets back from the faces of the dead to give jostling crowds of anxious family members a chance to identify victims. One elderly man wearing a prayer cap wailed after he recognized one of the dead, and police restrained him from climbing into an ambulance with the body. [Date:14 May 2014]

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Anger boils as Erdgoan’s aide kicks protester in Soma

soma217Outrage is growing in Turkey over a photo that shows an aide to the prime minister kicking a man protesting a deadly mine disaster in Soma.

The photo was taken during Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the western city of Soma a day after the devastating disaster that took place on Tuesday.

The man, detained by police forces, can be seen lying on the ground as Erdogan’s deputy chief of staff, Yusuf Yerkel, aims a kick at him. [Date:16 May 2014]

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Turkey PM threatens to slap protester

soma245Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to slap a young man if “he booed the country’s prime minister,” media reports say. [Date:17 May 2014]

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SHOCKING! VIDEO revealed Turkish PM Erdogan Punched a local in Soma[Date:15 May 2014]

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Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Visited the Region But Angry Mourful Soma People Attacked His Car [Date:14 May 2014]

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During Erdogan visit to Soma he was booed and jolted by angry Soma People[Date:14 May 2014]

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During Erdogan speech there were angry protesters outside of the building[Date:14 May 2014]

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Turkey police fire tear gas as hundreds protest mine disaster

soma182Turkish police on Wednesday fired tear gas and water cannon at hundreds of people protesting an explosion at a mine that has killed at least 205 people and left scores of workers trapped. Around 800 protesters, mostly students, hurled stones at the police and shouted anti-government slogans as they tried to march from a university in Ankara to the energy ministry, AFP reports. Separately, some 10-15 people lay on the floor of the Istanbul metro at Taksim station to represent the deaths at the mine. [Date and Time:14 May 2014]

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Public anger grows in Turkey over mine disaster

soma201Turkish police forces have used tear gas and water cannon against hundreds of people protesting a deadly mine explosion, as public anger continues to grow in the country over the incident.

The clashes took place on Wednesday as some 800 protesters, including university students, were marching toward the country’s Energy Ministry in Ankara. [Date:14 May 2014]

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Anger boiling in Turkey over mine blast

soma181Anger is boiling in Turkey over the government’s handling of a deadly coal mine explosion in the country’s western city of Soma.

Tensions were high as a large number of relatives and miners gathered outside the mine’s entrance on Wednesday.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived at the site of the mining disaster that has claimed at least 274 lives so far. Protesters attacked Erdogan’s car in Soma during his visit.[Date:15 May 2014]

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We want to give the news of condolences by Islamic Republic of Iran to Soma especially because zionist Media of Turkey has never mentioned Iran among those countries that sent their condolences. We are not to give all countries here but we emphasize Iran specifically so that you see the zionist face of Turkish Media.
Imam Ali Khamenei send his condolences to Turkey’s Soma Martyrs

imamThe Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei send his condolences to the martyrs of Soma. After the noon prayer his eminence prayed for the martyrs in Soma disaster. [Date:15 May 2014]

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Iran commiserates with Turkey over deadly mine blast

soma209Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has extended condolences to the people and government of Turkey over a mine exposition which left hundreds of people dead.

In a Wednesday message to his Turkish counterpart Cemil Cicek, Larijani also offered Iran’s sympathy to the families of the victims.[Date:15 May 2014]

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Iran offers condolences to Turkish People on mine blast casualties

soma149Iran’s FM spokeswoman has offered condolences to Turkey on the death of miners during a blast in Manisa in west of the country.

Marzieh Afkham expressed sympathy with the families of victims of a blast in a coal mine in Manisa and offered condolences to Turkish government and people, and announced Iran’s willing to any humanitarian and rescue aids.[Date:15 May 2014]

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Amnetsy: Turkish mine explosion tragedy should have been averted

amnesty“This was a tragedy that should have been avoided. The long history of deaths in mines in Turkey raises chilling questions over workers’ safety. The fact that the government rejected recent calls by parliamentarians to investigate serious work-related accidents is nothing short of shocking. They are playing with people’s lives,” said Andrew Gardner, Researcher on Turkey at Amnesty International.[Date:15 May 2014]

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Amnesty slams Turkey for ’playing with people’s lives’

amnesty“The fact that the government rejected recent calls by parliamentarians to investigate serious work-related accidents is nothing short of shocking. They are playing with people’s lives,” added the Amnesty researcher.
He further called for an “immediate investigation” into the causes of the deadly blast and said the results of the probe “must be made public.” [Date:15 May 2014]

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“Enough for the life for me!” “Let this mine take my life, too!”

soma249“Enough for the life for me!” yelled one woman — her arms flailing, tears running down her cheeks  “Let this mine take my life, too!” As she was pulled away, she added, “Enough is enough.”
Sadly, the torment for her and many others isn’t over.[Date:15 May 2014]

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Exclusive- Where are the 280 Soma mineworkers?

soma500After the disaster of Soma it was stated officially that there were 787 mineworkers trappep. Now we are asking the 280 figure, where are they? Officials stated that 282 have died so far, 150 were rescued, 75 wounded were rescued.
282+ 150+ 75= 507 is the figure that have resulted in total. Now that the number was 787- 507= 280 is the untold figure. Where are they? [Date:15 May 2014]

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Turkey mine: Rescue worker describes conditions inside mine

soma202As new graves are being dug in the town cemetery of Soma, rescue teams are still trying to reach some 280 people still missing in Turkey’s worst mining disaster.

There has been intense speculation on Turkish social media about events inside the mine in the aftermath of Tuesday’s explosion – including reports of dozens of dead bodies piled together in tunnels.[Date:16 May 2014]

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Soma tragedy death toll nears 300

soma167Death toll from the coal mine explosion in Turkey’s western town of Soma has risen to 298.

Rescue efforts continue to spot potential survivors of the mining tragedy that took place on May 13.

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said on Friday that 485 miners had escaped or were rescued. [Date:17 May 2014]

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Turkish mine rescue(!) ends as death toll hits 301

soma171Turkey has called a halt to the Soma mine rescue operation after two more bodies were discovered, raising the death toll in the country’s worst industrial disaster to 301, the energy minister said.
The bodies of all miners trapped in the coal mine following its collapse are now believed to be accounted for.
“The newly discovered workers will be brought up and given back to their families. If there is no further demand to us and, the information we have backs that up, then we will have finished our search work,” Taner Yildiz said. [Date:17 May 2014]

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Police Fires Tear Gas at Turkish Mine Mourners

soma233Police in Soma, Turkey, used tear gas, plastic pellets and a water cannon Friday on protesters angry over the government’s response to a coal mine fire that killed at least 298 people.

Protesters chanting “Don’t sleep, Soma, remember your dead!” coursed through city streets a few miles from the disaster site, trying to reach a statue honoring miners. [Date:17 May 2014]

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Two entrance of Soma mine blocked while there are dead miners inside

soma260Rescue team ended their works on Sunday and built walls at the two entrance of mine while there are still dead mineworkers inside.

Entry to the mine area was blocked on Sunday, with gendarmerie soldiers only letting authorized officials through. Journalists were also not allowed into the mine. Officials have said a technical(?) investigation is ongoing at the site.[Date:18 May 2014]

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Heart-wrenching Father of Soma has a message for the World:”My son is lost, Govern. telling lies!”

soma258In the video the mournful father says he can not find his son Ismail Coşkun(28) and his friends Hakan Üskur, Hasan Akkay who were working in Soma. He says the government ends the rescue works but his son and 2 friends of his son are losts. The very angry father :”government is telling lie to us. I am not afraid of Government even if they execute me by firing squad, there is no news from my son. I can tell the whole world media that the facst are hidden from us. My son had two children and now they are orphans, the government telling lies to the people, this government is the worst, my vote was for this government but bloody hell for them now. Where are the ambulances? where are the dead bodies of our children?No one is here! People(the mine worker victims of Soma) have no value, money is important for the government not the people. The ministers are deceiving people…”[Date:18 May 2014]

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So Touching Video of Turkish People of Soma[Date:14 May 2014]

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The heartbreaking untolds of Soma Massacre

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the following pictures are the featured ones from Soma:


soma259 soma257 soma256 soma254 soma253 soma252 soma249 soma248 soma245 soma243 soma241 soma239 soma238 soma237 soma236 soma235 soma234 soma233 soma232 soma231 soma230 soma228 soma227 soma221 soma217 soma214 soma210 soma209 soma207 soma205 soma202 soma199soma186 soma185 soma184 soma182 soma181 soma176 soma172 soma171 soma167 soma162 soma161 soma159 soma149 soma143 soma142 soma141 soma140 erdoganadvisor02 soma128 soma124 soma120 soma118 soma117 soma116 soma115 soma108 soma106 soma104 soma103 soma101 soma100 soma93 soma87 deaths are normal soma85 soma84 soma83 soma80 soma79 soma75 soma53 erdoganadvisor soma funerals soma6 soma2

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