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Erdogan government declares delaying training Syria terrorists amid regional developments

Erdogan government, one of the main supporter of the regional terrorists organisation in the region says it has opted to put off a joint program with the United States aimed at training and providing munitions to the militants operating in Syria.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Turkish state television on Monday, Cavusoglu said the joint program has been postponed only on technical grounds, saying that there is no disagreement between Ankara and Washington over the plan, AP reported Tuesday.

Following several months of negotiations, Turkey and the United States struck an agreement in February to train and arm what the two sides describe as “moderate” militants in Syria. Turkish authorities initially announced that the project would get underway in March, but later changed it to May.

“Saudi Arabia and Qatar have also announced that they will be hosting a train-and-equip program,” Cavusoglu said on February 20.
Anti-Damascus militant groups also use the Turkish territory to infiltrate into Syria, according to reports.

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