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Enemies of Islam benefiting from ISIL crimes: Analyst

A political analyst says the enemies of Islam and Muslims are benefitting the most from the terrorist attacks being carried out by the ISIL terrorist group, Press TV reports.

Ibrahim Mousavi, a political analyst from Beirut, said in an interview with Press TV that the enemies of Muslims attempt to take advantage of a series of recent deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and other regions of the world.

“The enemies of Islam benefit from it; those who have always been trying to spread Islamophobia, those who are trying to plan [to drive a] wedge between Muslims and other people of the world and those who want to distort the image of Islam,” the analyst said.

He said that the existence of the ISIL and other terrorist groups are the direct result of “double standards and hypocritical policies” adopted by the US and its allies toward the Mideast region.

Mousavi also strongly criticized the Western countries for supporting the ISIL and other terrorist groups that are currently operating against the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

He said that most of the victims of the ISIL terrorist attacks have been innocent Muslim women and children in recent years.

Commenting on the recent mass unity rally in Paris, the analyst said that presence of a criminal such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the gathering seriously harmed the real cause of the event.

On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of anti-terrorism protesters gathered for the rally in Paris, with world leaders and officials in attendance. The event came after days of deadly attacks, which claimed the lives of 17 people and three gunmen in France.

Experts say Netanyahu would take advantage of the rally for campaign purposes and deliver speeches.

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