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Economy Minister: government is exerting efforts to create job opportunities

20140326-232848_h535543Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Khodr Orfali, stressed that the ministry is offering all solutions to facilitate difficulties hindering small and medium projects for their role in developing the national economy being the largest employer of the workforce.

Meeting a delegation from al-Shaghour neighborhood in Damascus, Minisyer Orfali reviewed the efforts exerted by the government to create job opportunities and provide places for small and medium projects which were affected by terrorism.

The minister pointed out to the importance of popular and civil society figures in enhancing national unity and the social fabric, expressing absolute confidence that Syria will win over the conspiracy.

Minister Orfali listened to the delegation members who presented their suggestions on refreshing the small and medium projects in al-Shaghour neighborhood.

They hailed the government’s efforts to enhance the Syrians’ steadfastness in face of the comprehensive universal war.

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