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Denmark: Concerned About Return of Syria Terrorists, Ready to Provide Them with Weapons

denDenmark’s foreign minister Martin Lidegaard said the country is prepared to provide weapons to armed groups in Syria, while footage shot of European militants fighting alongside opposition forces increased the concern of European countries about the potential threat from returning militants.
Anna Mee Allerslev, who is responsible for integration and employment in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, told the BBC that authorities were taking them seriously.
Meanwhile, Denmark’s foreign minister Martin Lidegaard said his country is prepared to provide weapons to opposition groups in Syria.
Lidegaard said in an interview with Danish national daily newspaper Berlingske published on Tuesday that, “More weapons in Syria are not unproblematic.”
He also added, “But I want to consider how we can give the opposition the momentum on the battlefield. Heavy weapons are included.”
Lidegaard further declared that, “Either we will find a political solution to the problem, or back the forces we believe in.”
He underlined Denmark did not want to compromise with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
According to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence at London’s King’s College, the number of Danish fighters in Syria is second only to that of Belgians, in proportion to total population.
Based on actual numbers, Britons represent the biggest number, with more than 350 fighters.
Authorities in Denmark have allocated 1m Danish krone [£109,000; $184,000] to increase efforts to rehabilitate those who return from Syria, and also to prevent Danish people from becoming militants in the first place.
Similar programs have been introduced in various European countries, including the UK.

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