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Daraa Governorate: Syrian Army Secures the East District in Sheikh Miskeen

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On Saturday morning, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) infiltrated the Syrian Revolutionary Front’s (SRF) defenses at the besieged city of Sheikh Miskeen in the Dara’a Governorate, capturing the majority of the enemy’s territory, while also destroying multiple SRF hideouts. Contingents from the SAA’s 5th and 7th Divisions overwhelmed the SRF forces around 6:30 A.M. Damascus Time, creating panic among the rebel ranks and the subsequent retreat towards the cemetery in the East District.

The SAA capitalized on the disorientation of the rebel forces and pressed towards the Sheikh Miskeen Cemetery, where they later enveloped the militants and secured the area in the early afternoon. Following the seizure of the Sheikh Miskeen Cemetery, the SAA captured the entire East District and began preparations to storm rebel positions in the West District. The SAA launched an attack on the West District and successfully captured the city’s center with the help of National Defense Forces (NDF).

According to a military source, the SAA has made significant gains in Sheikh Miskeen since the morning. The SAA has encircled the rebel positions in the West District, as they prepare for a fierce battle with the entrenched militants of the SRF. The source added that both sides have suffered heavy losses; despite this, both sides remain determined to achieve victory.

Identified SRF militants killed in Sheikh Miskeen:

1. Faysal ‘Abdel-Majid Al-Khamees
2. Mohammad Al-‘Aqayla Hamdi
3. ‘Umar Anas Al-Khalif
4. Wassam ‘Ibrahim Sarour
5. ‘Abdel-Aziz Al-Hameed

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