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Dara’a: Entire Members of Terrorist Group Killed, Wounded in Blast



All members of a terrorist group were killed or wounded in an explosive trap as they were on the way to carry out an operation against government forces in Northern Dara’a.

A group of terrorists tried to penetrate into the army-controlled territories in the town of al-Sanmin from the town of Kafr Shams to plant landmines in the region, but fell into the army’s explosive trap.

All members of the terrorist group were killed or wounded in the explosion.

A pro-ISIL group said in a statement on Friday that a sum of 48 terrorists of Liwa Brouj al-Sham affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), including their commander, were killed in ISIL’s ambush in Western Dara’a.

The pro-ISIL Jeish Khaled bin al-Waleed ambushed a gathering of rival terrorists of Liwa Brouj al-Sham that were preparing to launch an attack on Sahem al-Joulan dam, in al-Yarmouk region, killing 33 militants, including a commander known a Mohammad Ali al-Ta’ani.

In the meantime, local activists reported that 11 rebels of Liwa Brouj al-Sham, including a senior commander, were killed in the ISIL’s ambush and many more were wounded.

Reports also disclosed that over 48 militants have been killed in clashes between ISIL and FSA in the last 48 hours.

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