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Damascus: Syrian Army Expanding Security Belt against Terrorists’ Threats around Key Airport



The Syrian Army troops continued their anti-ISIL operations in Northeastern Damascus, stretching their chain of security around the strategic al-Seen military airport, informed sources said.

The sources reported that the army troops continued to advance against terrorists affiliated to Ahmad Abdou and Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Qalamoun, laying siege on the terrorists in the region.

They added that recent advances of the army soldiers in Eastern Qalamoun killed the terrorist groups’ chances for penetrating into Badiyeh (desert) al-Sham and Badiyeh Homs to threaten al-Seen airbase.

Military sources confirmed earlier this month that the army troops entered two key towns in Western Damascus near the border with Lebanon, putting an end to the terrorists’ activities in the Western parts of Qalamoun region.

The sources said that the army units have now entered the towns of Sabna and Dareh in Western Damascus province under a peace agreement between the Syrian government and militants after the militants ended operation and left the Western Qalamoun region.

The sources added that the arrival of the army soldiers in the towns of Sabna and Dareh has put an end to the Free Syrian Army operations in regions from the town of al-Zabadani to the settlement of al-Qareh except for the small area covered by the heights overlooking Faliteh settlement near Lebanon’s Arsal region.

In the meantime, in line with completing Wadi al-Bardi’s agreement between the Syrian government and militants that was concluded last December, 52 gunmen of Jeish Tahrir al-Sham that had left Sabna in Rankous heights West of Syria’s Qalamoun for Idlib, were relocated in the town of al-Rahibeh East of Qalamoun under the supervision of the Red Crescent.

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