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Daesh carried out chemical attack in northern Iraq: Kurdish authorities

Daesh has carried out a suspected chemical attack on Peshmerga forces battling the Takfiri terrorists in northern Iraq, Kurdish authorities say.

A rocket which produced a “considerable amount” of yellow smoke was fired on Kurdish forces fighting near the Mosul dam on Monday, said the Kurdistan Region Security Council in a statement released on Tuesday.

The statement added that one fighter was injured in the attack and is currently in hospital, and that the remains of the rocket, which appears to be homemade, have been removed from the site for testing.

“This is one of an increasing number of attacks in recent months suspected of carrying chemical substances,” it added, referring to another attack conducted earlier this year that tested positive for chlorine.

“We remain deeply concerned with the escalation and delivery method of these attacks,” the statement said, adding that the Kurdish forces fighting ISIL require suitable protective equipment to deal with such attacks.

Concern about the use of chemical weapons by the Daesh Takfiris in the region has been expressed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, but it says a request must be made by Iraq or the United Nations Security Council before it can begin investigations.

The Daesh terrorists, who have been fighting against the Syrian and Iraqi governments and nations, have committed grotesque war crimes in the two neighboring Muslim states.

Daesh is also suspected of carrying out a chemical attack in the northern Syrian town of Mare’ on Tuesday, which killed four people and hospitalized many more.

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