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CIA contractor: forces already present inside Syria

CIA contractor: forces already present inside Syria

A political commentator says the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has already deployed a large number of forces, trainers and mercenaries to Syria.
Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley said at a Press TV debate that the US mercenaries have been working closely with the terrorist groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.
“We do have boots on the ground but they are wearing black masks and black uniforms, so they look just like ISIL fighters,” Kelley said.
The remarks come as military experts say the United States and its allies are trying to find an excuse for the deployment of massive ground forces to the militancy-plagued Iraq and Syria.
Kelley also noted that the US has shipped billions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia in recent years with the knowledge that the ammunition would end up in the hands of ISIL.
The commentator further stressed that the money from the sales of weapons has gone to CIA “black budgets” instead of going to the US Treasury.

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