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Campaign to break Israeli siege on Gaza to kick off in Europe


A series of pro-Palestine campaigns is expected to be held by non-governmental organizations across the European continent to push for lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza.
A consortium of relief and human rights institutions and activists announced their intent to hold pro-Palestine events following the launch of the Global Campaign to Support Women’s Boat to Gaza on May 19.
Chairman of the Global Popular Committee to Support Gaza, Essam Youssef, said the campaign aims at raising the world’s awareness of the tragedy endured by Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip due to the tough and illegal Israeli siege imposed for 10 years.
Marine parades, popular festivals, exhibitions, and forums are expected to be held all the way through the campaign.
Chairman of the International Committee to Lift the Siege on Gaza, Zaher Birawi, also said the campaign aims at breaking the Israeli blockade so as to alleviate Gazans’ agony and restore their right to live in dignity and move freely.
Two women’s boats are to be sent to the besieged Gaza Strip in a move acclaimed by several feminist organizations across the globe, including the Women’s Affairs Center (Gaza), de Politika Feminesta Forum (Spain), and Women’s Front (Norway).

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