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Breaking: Syrian Army Launches Offensive South of Idlib City

After two weeks of being on the defensive, the Syrian Armed Forces have launched a counter-offensive at the village of Al-Mastouma in order to retake the territory they lost during the Jaysh Al-Fatah onslaught following the capture of Idlib City.

The assault began on Wednesday morning, when the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Operations unit “Al-Qawat Al-Nimr” (Tiger Forces) – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) – countered a Jaysh Al-Fatah attack at the Brick Factory, resulting in the Tiger Forces pushing the enemy combatants north towards Qameenas.

Fighting is still ongoing at the southern axis in Qameenas; however, moments ago, the NDF launched an attack near the village of Faylan, expanding the offensive to multiple fronts south of Idlib City.

It is too early to tell whether or not the Syrian Armed Forces offensive is to retake Idlib City because as of now, this assault appears to be geared at creating a buffer-zone around the village of Al-Mastouma.

If an offensive to recapture the provincial capital is launched by the Syrian Armed Forces; it will likely require the mobilization of more soldiers and tanks, as Jaysh Al-Fatah has entrenched themselves in the heart of Idlib.

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