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Breaking: Syrian Army Breaks into East Aleppo

Syrian-Army-Initiates-“Storm-of-North”-in-Aleppo (1)

After a two (2) year absence from east Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has finally rebounded from their losses and pushed into this vital area controlled by the Islamic Front (Jabhat Al-Islamiyya) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIL). Earlier today, the SAA asserted full control over Al-Manasher (sawmills) and Al-Maqa’la (quarries) in Al-Breijj, along with the surrounding hills in the east Aleppo village of Al-‘Aweeja. The village of Al-‘Aweeja is imperative for the SAA’s offensive into east Aleppo; its capture will pave the way for an imminent confrontation with ISIS.

The SAA’s entry in east Aleppo was coupled with their success at the Al-Jandoul Roundabout, where the latter forced the Islamic Front to retreat from the main road connecting the Al-Jandoul Roundabout and Al-‘Aweeja. The success at the Al-Jandoul Roundabout led to the SAA’s entry into east Aleppo and if the latter captures the Hanano District; it will disrupt the Islamic Front’s supply route into the east.

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