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BREAKING Syria- 380 terrorists killed including tens of Turkish Intelligence, 279 surrendered, 157 taken to Turkey’s hospital

1926016_661537340550613_1447775204_o1Fierce clashes are continuing surrounding “Kesab”in the Northern countryside of Lattakia, including Point 45 and “Jabal Al-Nasr” where Terrorists are relying on the heavy use of “Concourse Missiles” targeting Syrian Forces and Tanks, as Turkish authorities assist convoys of thousands Armed Terrorists cross the border into Syria to reinforce their Terrorists in the areas of engagements, while warplanes are striking buildings surrounding the City which Armed Terrorists infiltrated and are now trapped in. 380 terrorists got killed, 279 terrorists surrendered and 157 wounded terrorists taken to Turkey’s hospitals. It is also stated that tens of Turkish Intelligence and terroirsts among the killed ones.

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