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Behind the Scenes: Yabroud Victory a Winning Vote for President Assad!

da3eshQatari authorities have started an allover comprehensive and deep revision for its policy in Syria which would necessarily produce rapprochement with the steadfastness axis stretching to Iran. Some informed sources expect speedy transformation especially after the recent diplomatic measures taken by Gulf countries against Doha.
The recent significant military achievement in Yabroud by the Syrian army has caused structural disorder in the Takfiri groups ranks. It is estimated that more intensified internal military battles and bloody clashes are likely to break out among the rival takfiri groups after they traded accusations of treason and collaboration with the Syrian government.
According to observers, the fall of Yabroud has casted a winning vote in the Syrian President Bahsar Al-Assad’s ballot box. The observers’ went further to say that Assad’s victory in the upcoming elections would be a landslide victory.

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