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Battle Map of Jobar; Daily Updates from Damascus

Battle Map of Jobar; Daily Updates from Damascus



Heavy clashes took place all around the Jobar District today, as the Syrian Arab Army continued its siege in this strategic area. Perhaps, the biggest news from the Jobar front was the discovery of a 13 meter long tunnel that was stocked with rocket-propelled grenades, chemicals, maps, and electronic communication devices. The tunnel was discovered by the Republican Guard near the recently liberated Tayba Mosque, during an early morning search and destroy mission.

Directly following the tunnel discovery, the Republican Guard liberated the Al-’Arabiyya Al-Markazi Neighborhood in the vicinity of the Tayba Mosque. During the operation, Lt. Salah Mustafa Bakaflawi was shot in the chest by a sniper; he was unable to recover from the fatal wound. The firefights are still ongoing southeast of the mosque, where the Syrian Arab Army has gained at least three building blocks over the course of eight hours. A military source reported 11 soldiers were killed, while Jaysh Al-Islam suffered 36 confirmed casualties in the battle.

Lt. Salah Mustafa Baflawi's memorial picutre.

On the other side of Jobar, the Syrian Arab Army and Jaysh Al-Islam are engaged in fierce clashes near Parliament Square. 9 SAA were killed, while Jaysh Al-Islam suffered over 20 casualties during the sporadic firefights.

The Syrian Air Force conducted 32 airstrikes over the last 24 hours in Jobar, utilizing heavy bunker-buster bombs to penetrate Jaysh Al-Islam tunnels. An opposition source reported that the Teachers’ Tower – used as a hideout for the Jaysh Al-Islam militants – was completely destroyed during the air raids by the Air Force.

Jaroud ‘Arsal: 

Hezbollah soldiers killed the Jabhat Al-Nusra Field Commander, Abu Malek Al-Taali, in northeast ‘Arsal, Lebanon during the morning clashes near the Syrian border. A source in the Qalamoun Mountains reported that at least two dozen Al-Nusra Front militants were killed by Hezbollah today outside of Falita.


34 members of the Islamic Front have turned themselves into the Syrian Government in exchange for amnesty. The 34 men will have their cases heard by a municipal judge, who will then determine if the militants have not committed crimes against the Syrian people.


41 members of Suqour Al-Zabadani (Falcons of Zabadani) were killed during an ambush by the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah forces in Al-Zabadani. This attack comes two days after the failed reconciliation talks between the Syrian Government and the Syrian Opposition militants

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