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Basij Commander: Hundreds of Thousands of Iranians Ready to Fight ISIL


Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said hundreds of thousands of Iranian fighters are ready to be dispatched to the battlefields in the region to combat against terrorist and Takfiri groups, specially the ISIL.
“The mujahid (warrior) and faithful forces are ready in their own cities; the Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese people have enough forces and they don’t want us to send them any troops. But if they needed our forces, then it would be the easiest job that we could do as there are hundreds of thousands of volunteer forces who could be dispatched to anywhere in the region even tomorrow,” Naqdi said in the Southern city of Ahwaz earlier this week.

“But no one has made such a demand from us as the people of these countries do not need outside warriors,” he reiterated.

Many regional and international figures have lauded Iran’s role in helping the anti-terrorism campaign in the region.

United Nations Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Fathali on Friday praised Tehran’s constructive role in resolving the Syrian crisis.

During the meeting in the Lebanese capital, Mistura said that Iran has played a positive and constructive role to help resolve the Syrian crisis which is praiseworthy.

He, meantime, expressed concern about the situation in Syria’s Kurdish town of Kobani which is under the brutal attacks of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) Takfiri terrorists.

The Iranian ambassador to Beirut, for his part stressed expansion of cooperation among regional states and international bodies against terrorist groups.

“Certain states’ decisions to arm the so-called moderate opposition groups in Syria is against the international rules and regulations and would complicate the crisis,” he added.

Fathali further underlined that none of the big powers has the right to undermine UN member states’ sovereignty under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Also, in September, President Assad expressed Syria’s appreciation for Iran’s stances in support of the Syrian people and sovereignty and independence of nations.

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