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Basel al-Assad airport works as normal.. Governor denies Arabiya TV allegations on families’ departure

20140410-210645_h (1)Transport Minister Mahmoud Said denied as untrue and baseless the reports broadcast Thursday by al-Arabiya TV about closing Basel al-Assad airport in Lattakia.
The Minister said in a statement to SANA that reports of al-Arabiya TV, which is partner in shedding the Syrian blood, are untrue, adding the airport is working with full capacity and the passengers’ movement is normal.
Lattakia Governor refutes other rumors on departure of some families
Meanwhile, Lattakia Governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Kader refuted other rumors by al-Arabiya TV about the departure of families in Lattakia northern countryside to inside Lattakia city.
Abdul-Kader told SANA in a statement that those news are untrue, aiming at instigating a state of intimidation among the citizens and destabilize situation of those villages.
He affirmed no one of those villages has left home where life is normal, local and official departments do their daily works and offer services to all citizens.
The Governor added the Syrian people know the aim of such rumors which will not affect the citizens’ struggle against terrorism.

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