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Bahraini Resistance Marks Martyr’s Day, Underlines Confronting Regime’s Oppression

The Bahraini opposition followers held protests in Al-Manama and other areas in order to mark Martyr’s Day and underline confrontation with the regime’s oppression.

Many activities, including leaving flowers at Bahraini martyrs’ graves in the Iranian Holy City of Qom and holding poetic seminars in London, were organized in order to expose the regime’s plots.

Bahrain’s key cleric, Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, indicated that marking martyr’s Day aims at confronting the regime’s policy of normalizing ties with the Zionist enemy and oppressing the Bahraini people.

Martyr’s Day in Bahrain is held on December 17 every year in order to incarnate the anniversary of the two martyrs Hani Al-Wasati and Hani Khamis who were killed by the regime forces in 1934 during an attack aimed at suppressing a popular uprising.

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