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Baath Party regional secretary calls for alliance for countering terrorism

20140309-181505_h532135Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal called for forming an alliance for confronting terrorism, exposing the crimes of the armed terrorist groups and bringing suits against the countries backing and funding these groups.

During his meeting on Sunday with a delegation of the Iraqi Bar Association headed by Chief Lawyer of Najaf Mohammad Saleh al-Muhanna, al-Hilal expressed Syria’s appreciation of the honorable national stances of the Iraqi government and people, which have proved the deep relationship binding the peoples of Syria and Iraq.

He added that the Iraqi national stances also reflect the common view of the Syrian and Iraqi governments towards various issues of interest to both countries and the Arab region in general.

Al-Muhanna said the Iraqi delegation’s visit aims at showing support to the Syrian people in their war against terrorism, highlighting that Syria and Iraq are facing a terrorist war backed by many Arab and foreign countries, which demands cooperation by both countries to face this war.

He considered that Syria’s steadfastness has foiled all imperialist schemes plotted for the region and consolidated the role of the axis of resistance which Iraq is part of and of which Syria is the beating heart.

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