Enemies of Syria

Armed Extremists Kill Hostages in Yarmouk Camp near Damascus

13921217000195_PhotoI (1)Armed extremist grouping the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant /ISIL/ massacred captured Palestinian fighters in the refugee camp Yarmouk, near Damascus, an official representative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – Special Command (PFLP-SC), Anwar Raja reported.
He has not mentioned the exact number of victims, Voice of Russia reported.
“The terrorists did not try to hide their crime and openly announced the massacre,” – news agency SANA quotes the words of the representative Friday. According to Raja, bandits from the ISIL and another radical group – al-Nusra Front – who had infiltrated the camp, upset the process of normalization. They attacked the positions of the united Palestinian self-defense forces and Syrian troops deployed around Yarmouk.
“This provocation was planned by the Saudi secret service in order to exert pressure on Damascus and hamper the conciliation agreements with militants seeking to stop the armed struggle,” he said. “We can no longer sit on the fence in the current situation,” said Raja.

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