Arab Writers Union celebrates President al-Assad’s election win

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20140609-210738Arab Writers Union held a reception ceremony on the occasion of re-electing president Bashar al-Assad for another 7 year term in office.

Member of the regional leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, Head of Media and Culture Office Dr. Khalaf al-Muftah, stressed that writers and intellectuals should commit to their national role through presenting their resistance spirits and participating in achieving victory over terrorism to which the country is exposed.

“The Syrians turnout to ballot boxes constituted a decisive response to all foreign schemes that attempt to undermine their country,” al-Muftah added.

For her part, Minister of Culture Lubanah Mshaweh said that Syrian citizens started a new stage when they supported President Bashar al-Assad after 3 years of crisis, affirming that Syria is the country of beauty and tolerance.

Other participants hailed the role of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the country against the foreign-backed conspiracy, calling for offering needed support to the martyrs’ families.


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