Another terrorist group loses important commander in Aleppo

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Ajnad Al-Sham, a major faction in the Jaish Al-Fateh jihadist coalition, reported the death of one of its most important emirs in the Aleppo battles.

Ali Hamam, also called Abu Ahmad by his fellow men, was the tank emir in the jihadist group that has very close ties to the powerful Ahrar Al-Sham. In addition to this, Wa’el Diyab who is another military leader in the aforementioned faction was also injured in the battles southwest of Aleppo against the Syrian Army.

The long-anticipated rebel offensive in south Aleppo has turned out to be a real grinder for the Jaish Al-Fateh and Fateh Halab coalition. Dozens of commanders were killed along hundreds of militiamen. This huge death toll on the Islamist factions has forced them to pause their offensive to remobilize and adjust their plans.

The result of this massive and fateful offensive will most likely shape the path of the Syrian conflict for months to come.


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