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Aleppo City Witnessing Bloodiest Clashes between Syrian Forces, Terrorists

Sources in the Northern province of Aleppo confirmed that there have been heavy clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorist groups in various neighborhoods of Aleppo, adding that tens of militants have been killed or wounded in street battles.

The terrorists started heavy attacks against the Syrian army positions in Aleppo with the intelligence, logistic and arms supports that could have been provided only by their regional allies, an independent source said.

The four regions of Rashedeen, al-Khalediya, al-Ashrafiya and Bashkoy are the worst scene of the fierce clashes between the terrorists and the Syrian army.

Tens of terrorists have been killed in the Syrian army artillery attacks and airstrikes on Rashedeen region and field reports said that the corpses of the dead terrorists are scattered on the ground for several hundreds of meters in this area.

The Syrian army intensified its offensives in Aleppo on Tuesday after the terrorist groups launched mortar attacks on the Western parts of the city.

The army’s intensified attacks came after the terrorists hit the government-controlled residential areas in Aleppo city.

The terrorists launched their mortar attacks from Bani Zeid and al-Mansoura regions in the Eastern parts of Aleppo.

The military sources confirmed that over 40 Takfiri terrorists were killed in the army’s Tuesday offensive against the terrorist-held areas.

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