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Aleppo Battle Update: Syrian Army fully recaptures eastern parts of Mallah


Following fierce battles early this day with the Nusra-led Jaishal-Fateh, the Syrian Army’ elite tiger forces managed to regain control of Arab Salum in the eastern parts of the strategic Mallah Farms. The recapture was preceded by intense aerial bombardment conducted by Syrian and Russian fighter jets and helicopters, as well as Army artillery units.
Pro-jihadi accounts on social media mourned the death of dozens of its fighters in the clashes. The Turkish-backed Nour Edine al-Zinki Movement said it lost contact with a group of its Afghani fighters who have been trapped inside Al-Asamat area.
With this recent and significant gain, the Syrian Army is now positioned some 3 km from the jihadi stronghold of Hraytan to the west.

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