Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group rejects Idlib agreement, vows to continue fight

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A Syrian insurgent group linked to the al-Qaeda terror organization released an official statement rejecting the recently-concluded Idlib agreement between Russia and Turkey.

Guardians of Religion Organization (Tanzeen Hurras al-Din) is made up of former Nusra members who had defected their former group only to form a more extremist faction.

The ultraconservative group also vowed to carry on fight against the Syrian government and its allies until the end.

In the same context, the FSA-affiliated Ansar Al-Deen, chaired by Abu Abdullah al-Shami, said it is not committed with the RussiaTurkey-brokered deal.

Both factions are mainly active in al-Ghab Plains, west Idlib and northern Latakia countryside.


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