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Al-Maliki warns terrorism may spread to all countries of the world

20140312-135701_h532727Baghdad International Counterterrorism Conference began its activities on Wednesday with the participation of delegations from 56 countries.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said the goal of this event is to rally the world against terrorism in order to isolate it and make capitals and cities safe so that children can go to their schools safely in Baghdad and everywhere else in the world.

Al-Maliki viewed the conference as a main station for cooperation and expertise exchange to achieve the aim of confronting terrorism, “the most dangerous phenomenon in the world.”

He warned against the spread of terrorism from Syria to the rest of the region and then the world, noting that Iraq was the forerunner of combating terrorism on behalf of the world.

The Iraqi Premier voiced regret that some states have allowed their establishments to become a true incubator of terrorism, takfiri concepts, hatred, and funding for terrorists and suicide bombers who flock from around the world to Iraq and elsewhere in the region to sow death and destruction.

Al-Maliki said some states in the region and the world are responsible for adopting the logic of allowing Al Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham to commit their crimes.

He pointed out Syria has transformed into the biggest field for terrorism activities, and that any delay in resolving the crisis in Syria will lead to Syria’s destruction or fragmentation which is a crime against a pivotal country in the region in addition to bringing destruction to the entire region.

Al-Maliki called upon the international community to take prompt and deterrent measures to protect the states, peoples and interests of the region against terrorism calling particularly for activating intelligence cooperation and urging the countries from which takfiri fatwas are issued to stop these fatwas.

He also suggested forming a general secretariat based in Baghdad to devise a complete strategy for combating terrorism regionally and internationally.

The 2-day conference sees the participation of Arab and foreign delegations from 56 countries to discuss 41 researches in countering terrorism, among them 21 Arab and 20 Iraqi researches.

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