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Al Kalifa rulers follow Saudi orders.” Bahraini cleric


Representative of Sheikh Isa Qassim in Iran slammed the recent move against prominent religious leader saying that Bahraini rulers are executing Saudi orders.

Stripping nationality from Sheikh Isa Qasim was a Saudi reaction to recent defeats of Daesh in Iraqi city of Fallujah, Sheikh Daghagh told IRNA in an interview on Tuesday.
Saudi Arabia as a major supporter of Daesh and other terrorists in the region, faced a heavy defeat in Fallujah, the senior Bahraini cleric said.
By stripping nationality from Sheikh Isa Qasim, they are seeking to revenge on the Iranian and Iraqi Shias.
Bahraini rulers execute the policies of the Saudis but the revolutionary people of Bahrain will not allow them to implement their plots, Daghagh said.
Referring to the Bahraini rulers, he said that al-Khalifa closed the streets near Sheikh Isa Qasim home last night to prevent people from gathering there to show their support for him.
The al-Khalifa’s action to strip Sheikh Isa Qasim from his nationality could be a preparation for cracking down on Bahraini Shias, similar to what happened in Nigeria recently, Daghagh added.
Bahrain’s government on Monday stripped the country’s leading Shia cleric of his nationality in a move that brought thousands of protesters into the streets and threatened to further ignite tensions across the region.

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