Al-Anfal Brigade Breaks Away from FSA, Joins National Defense

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The so-called Al-Anfal armed brigade had broken away from the Free Syrian Army group and joined the ranks of Syrian National Defense in the southern Damascus countryside, Al-Manar TV knew.

SAExclusive information told Al-Manar that the gunmen, whose number were put to 65, split with their full military equipment, which included medium and light weapons, and surrendered to the Syrian authorities to settle their legal status.

This came as field sources told Al-Manar that around 567 militants who belong to various armed factions were killed in the latest fighting with the Syrian army in Daraa countryside. They were buried near the town of Jassem, while other critically wounded militants resorted to the Israeli hospitals through the crossings that link to the occupied Golan.

Source: Al Manar TV


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