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Ajnad Al-Sham Suffers a Devastating Blow in Darayya: Leader Killed by the Syrian Air Force

For the last month and a half, the Islamist rebel faction “Ajnad Al-Sham” has launched a series of attacks on the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) defensive positions inside the imperative city of Darayya, where they gained considerable ground at the Darayya Association Quarter before the Syrian Armed Forces carried out their own counter-assault.

However, on Sunday morning, the Islamist group received bad news from Darayya after the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) conducted a number of airstrikes over this city in the West Ghouta (collection of farms in the Damascus countryside), killing Ajnad Al-Sham’s commander of field operations in southern Syria.

According to field reports from the Damascus countryside, the Ajnad Al-Sham commander – “Abu Al-‘Izz Saqr” – was killed alongside 12 of his armed combatants in Darayya after a Syrian Air Force Hind Helicopter attacked the aforementioned Islamist group’s compounds at the southwestern sector of the city on Sunday morning.

The field reports also included the list of the 12 Ajnad Al-Sham combatants that were killed by the Syrian Armed Forces on Sunday: Nizar Abu Al-‘Aadl, Ahmad Abu Raami, Abu Dhiyya Al-Bassam, Mohammad Abu ‘Antar, Ibrahim Abu Isma’eel, Ahmad Abu Saamer, Ibrahim Abu Suleiman, Zein Abu Bara’, ‘Umar Abu Yasseen, ‘Abdel-Rahman Abu Mohammad, Bassam Abu Asmar, and Anas Abu Ahmad.

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