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Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorist Group Reshuffling Top Posts in Syria’s Battlefields


Harakat Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group has made big changes to its political and military structure across the battlefields in Syria, informed sources said Friday.
“Ahrar al-Sham’s leadership replaced notorious commander Abu Saleh al-Tahan with a close companion of Hassan Abboud (Ahrar al-Sham’s former leader),” the sources said.

“The new commander of this terrorist group is a man of Syrian-Turkmen descent, Abu ‘Abdullah al-Shami,” the sources said, adding, “Al-Shami was allegedly imprisoned at Sadnaya prison from 2005-2011 before a general amnesty bill freed him and his future comrades.”

While imprisoned at Sadnaya prison, Abu Abdullah al-Shami developed a close relationship with Hassan Abboud that would last until the latter’s death in 2014.

In relevant developments late in May, Leader of the ISIL Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a directive, ordered the terrorist group’s spokesman to lead his fighters in Raqqa after most of the non-Syrian leaders of the ISIL in the capital of the self-proclaimed Caliphate fled the battlefield towards Mosul in Iraq.

“Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, one of the most notorious fighters of the Takfiri terrorist group, was appointed by al-Baghdadi to lead the ISIL militants in Raqqa,” the sources said, adding, “Adnani is one of the founders of the ISIL special forces (Liwa al-Seddiq), which includes well-trained fighters.”

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