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Afrin: Turkish Forces Replacing Local Population with Ghouta Comrades



The Ankara-backed militans on Sunday prevented civilians from entering their own houses in the Turkey-occupied Afrin region to settle the Al-Nusra-affiliated Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists who have arrived from Eastern Ghouta in the town.

Militants of Jeish al-Sharqiyeh affiliated to the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) stormed residents of the town of Jandaris in Southern Afrin after they called on the militants to allow them to live in their houses that had been occupied by Faylaq al-Rahman militants.

Faylaq al-Rahman is affiliated to the Al-Nusra Front that is backed by Turkey. Yet, the Turkey-backed militants have treated other militant groups like Jeish Al-Islam that are backed by Saudi Arabia differently, forcing them to surrender their weapons and stay in camps.

In the meantime, the London-based pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the Turkish army and allied militants started detaining civilians in Afrin region after the Ankara forces looted their assets, and further demanded ransom for their release.

SOHR further said that talks are underway between the Turkish intelligence and Faylaq al-Rahman commanders to be relocated to Afrin and its countryside.

A main group of Faylaq militants and their family members left Eastern Ghouta for Northern Syria a couple of days ago.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported last week that the Kurdish militants stormed one of the positions of the Turkish soldiers in the Central part of the town of Afrin, killing an Ankara-backed gunman and wounding two Turkish army soldiers.

It added that a key position of the Turkish army was destroyed in the Kurdish fighters’ attack in the village of Kafr Safreh in Jandaris region, leaving three Turkey-backed gunmen dead and two more wounded.

The entire Afrin region has been occupied by the Turkish troops and Ankara-backed militants.

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