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Activities of Syrian Economy Faculty Conference on reconstruction and development kick off

20140326-151640_h535437 (1)A scientific conference of Damascus University’s Faculty of Economy on reconstruction and development in Syria kicked off Wednesday.
Minister of Higher Education Dr. Malek Ali underlined the importance of interaction among the university and the society, highlighting the role of researchers in enhancing the developing process in the country.
Dr. Ali said that Syria is strong because of its institutions, adding that the reconstruction efforts have already begun through the national reconciliation processes.
In turn, Deputy Rector of Damascus University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Hind Dawod, said that holding the conference is of high importance in light of the current situation and the importance of reconstruction efforts on the internal and external levels.
Dean of Economy Faculty, Dr. Raslan Khaddour, said that the conference tries to introduce visions and ideas that help decision-makers set the best policies and programs as to rebuild the country.
Dr. Khaddour added that the ways to fund the reconstruction process and its management will determine the economic and political tendency of the country in the coming stage, highlighting the need to approach the reconstruction process in the framework of a national comprehensive and developmental project.
Minister of Industry, Kamal-Eddin Touma said the values of losses inflicted on the industrial sector under the crisis have reached SYP 155 billion.
He said armed attacks on roads by terrorists have led to a disruption of factories due to the workers’ inability to reach their workplaces and the inability to carry raw and manufacture materials from and to companies, which sparked a drop in production.
The status of companies is getting worse as terrorist groups have entered them and stolen, burnt and destroyed infrastructures, machines and equipment.
“65 companies and factories have thus come out of service and the workers’ salaries there have come to place an extra burden on the state,” he said.
He added that the ministry is working to resettle migratory industries, supporting exportation-oriented industries and offering the necessary assistance for industries in the developing and most affected areas.
The two-day conference, held under the title of “Reconstruction and Redevelopment in Syria” with the presence of a number of ministers and specialists, discusses the policies of the macro policies of reconstruction and the rebuilding of industry in Syria in light of the economic sanctions.
It will also discuss the basics of the Syrian economy in the stage of reconstruction from the perspective of regional development, in addition to the administrative dimension of the reconstruction process.

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