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Activities in support of presidential elections continue across the country

20140531-234927_h547735With less than three days left until the presidential elections are held in Syria, Syrians continue to carry out activities to show their support for the elections.

In Damascus, a number of charities organized an activity in Dummar area, delivering a statement calling on all Syrians to participate in the elections.

In Damascus Countryside, a rally was held in the town of Jaramana, where participants voiced support for the elections, the Syrian Arab Army, and candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad.

The Sweida branch of the General Sports Federation organized an activity consisting of a march from the local football stadium to al-Bassel complex, where a celebration consisting of sports activities, poetry recital, and artistic performances was held.

In the same context, the Sweida branch of the People’s Party organized a seminar on the importance of the upcoming elections.

In Hama province, the Arab Socialist Union Party organized a celebration in support of the elections, while the people of al-Haffeh town in Lattakia countryside staged a rally in support of national unity, the elections, and the Army.

In Homs city, the “Syria Candles” volunteer team organized an event organized an event in which children of martyrs participated in a symbolic voting on behalf of their deceased parents.

Likewise, the people of Uyun al-Wadi village in Homs countryside organized a march in support of the army and the elections, and al-Baath Party branch in the town of Shein organized a seminar on terrorism and its link to the Arab-Zionist conflict.

Al-Andalus University for Medical Sciences in Tartous organized a seminar on elections with the participation of academic and religious figures and students, in addition to State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar and Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun.

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