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Abdullahian criticizes US indifference about the growth and expansion of the ISIS


Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdullahian criticized the indifference of the US administration about the outbreak of terrorism and the expansion of the Islamic State “ISIS” terrorist organization in the region, expressing sorrow that some countries’ instrument use of terrorism tool is putting at stake both the regional and the international peace and stability.
Meeting Norwegian Foreign Minister Borg Brindh in Tehran on Sunday, Abdullahian said “Presently, the United States is engaged in a new mistake as the establishment of a new illegal coalition beyond the barriers of the UN and launching air raids by that coalition has not only inflicted no tangible loss against the ISIS, but has also contributed to the expansion of that terrorist group’s inhumane activities.”
He added that the attempts of some countries to provide weapons to the so-called “moderate opposition” reflect their insistence to deviate the situations in Syria from the political track to the military one in a way that would further deteriorate the situations in the country.
He indicated that Iran is holding political consultations with the regional countries, and it welcomes enhancing the negotiations and cooperation with all the countries with the aim of realizing security and stability in the region.
For his part, Brindh said that the situations in Syria are “complicated”, affirming the necessity of finding a political solution to the crisis in the country.
He reiterated that the campaign against the ISIS is a shared objective of all regional and world countries, stressing that devising a short -term and a long- term strategy for uprooting the ISIS and the rest of the terrorist groups in the world is necessary.
He also expressed sorrow that the “strategic mistake “of some countries in supporting the ISIS has led to such conditions at the present time that the “ISIS sword can now hurt all the involved sides indiscriminately.”

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