Enemies of Syria

32 Kyrgyz extremists headed for Syria to joint terrorist groups

20140326-121713_h535371 (1)Kyrgyz authorities confirmed that at least 32 extremists have headed for Syria to join the armed terrorist groups fighting there.
Spokesman for the Police Department in Osh city in northern Kyrgyzstan said 32 extremists from southern areas went to Syria to join the fighting. 15 of those are from Osh city and surrounding areas and 17 from Batkensk region.
He noted that an extremist from Uzgen region was killed in Syria and was identified by his family, who saw a photo of him on the internet.
A UN report released last month warned against the emergence of international networks of foreign terrorists who are fighting in Syria and have links with Jabhat al-Nusra affiliated to al-Qaeda.
The past months have witnessed an increasing flow of foreign terrorists to Syria from several countries, including Britain, France and the US, in addition to many other European and foreign countries.

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