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23 armed militants surrender to Syrian authorities

23 armed militants surrender to Syrian authoritiesTwenty-three armed militants in Syria’s Homs old city have surrendered to government authorities in the neighborhoods of al-Qarabees and Joret al-Shayyah as part of over 100 former insurgents that have turned themselves in since last week.
The Tuesday development comes as 102 other armed militants in the same area have surrendered themselves and their weapons to Syrian military authorities since last Wednesday, according to a report by SANA.
Moreover, the report adds, eight more militants from Jub al-Jandali and al-Mureja areas turned themselves in on Monday, while 92 others from Jub al-Jandali surrendered to authorities last Wednesday and Thursday.
In a related development, meanwhile, Syrian authorities settled the cases of 11 former militants in the city of Hasaka after they had surrendered earlier and submitted a pledge not to commit any more acts that would harm the country’s security and its citizens.
The development comes as Syrian forces are making steady gains against the foreign-backed insurgents across the country and have scored major battlefield victories in strategic cities that served as the militant’s key supply centers.

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