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200 Meter Long Tunnel Discovered With a Prison Inside in Jobar

On Sunday morning, the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard (Al-Harss Al-Jamhouri) unearthed another large tunnel in the Jobar District, after capturing a building block in the vicinity of the Al-Manaasher (Sawmills) Roundabout, leading them to the escape route the Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) militants used to flee following a violent confrontation with the former.

After the withdrawal of Jaysh Al-Islam fighters from the building block, SAA sappers were sent into the tunnel to inspect the area and make sure that there were no explosives hidden within its vicinity – luckily, there were no explosives reported inside the tunnel. However, what the SAA sappers did discover was a large holding facility that was used as a prison for captured soldiers and kidnapped civilians from the East Ghouta.

The 105th Brigade made sure to inspect the tunnel thoroughly, confiscating all of Jaysh Al-Islam’s contents inside. The soldiers from 105th Brigade stated that the tunnel was 200 meters long and that it led to the outskirts of Jobar; it is also believed to have been used as a route for reinforcements to pour into the area.

This is the 2nd large tunnel discovered in the Jobar District over the last 2 weeks; it is also one of the dozen tunnels unearthed in the last 6 months in this area. The SAA’s Central Command has made it a priority to target these network of tunnels in the East Ghouta in order to obstruct the militants from reinforcing and resupplying their entrenched contingents.

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